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Invitation for Athletes

icfInvitation for Canoe Sprint Athletes at the World Championships to meet the ICF.

To: ICF Athletes at the World Championships

Lausanne, 14 August 2017


Dear Athlete,

On behalf of the ICF Athletes Commission and the ICF Canoe Sprint Committee we want to invite upto 2 athletes from your national canoe federation to discuss future activities to improve the Canoe Sprint, share our strategy for the sport and present new ideas for sports presentation with you.

It is very important for us to share ideas with our athletes and to involve you in improving our exciting sport as we look to the future.

We would appreciate if 2 athletes from each team will join us for the athletes meeting to be held in the Catering tent close to the Administration Building at the regatta course in Racice. Because of the limited space we are inviting only athletes and not team officials for this meeting.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday August 23th, from 2 pm until 4 pm.


1. Welcome by the Chairmen of the ICF Sprint Committee - Frank Garner

2. Presentation of the IOC evaluation of the Rio Sprint events - Thomas Konietzko

3. New race formats and possibilities for improvements in sport presentation - Jens Kahl

4. Open discussion

We look forward to meeting you in Racice.

Henriette Engel Hansen                        Frank Garner                                 Thomas Konietzko

Chair ICF Athletes Commission                ICF Canoe Sprint Chair                     ICF Vice President