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COVID-19 PLAN for ICF CSP World Cup - Racice


  1. Overview of actual travel rules to the Czech Republic is here:
    There are currently no restrictions related to Covid 19 in the Czech Republic.

  2. Contact information:
    OC Covid-19 Officers:
  3. Key principals
    • Negative Covid 19 test (rapid antigen/PCR performed in the last 48h) required prior the access to a competition venue from all participants (all National Team Members, Officials, ICF staff, OC), participants with positive Covid 19 test are not allowed to enter a competition venue.
    • Team leaders submit a Covid 19 Response Plan Consent Form at the accreditation, Covid 19 Response Plan Consent Form see below.
    • Officials, ICF staff, OC will submit Personal Health Check Information Form
    • Rapid antigen testing during venue access will not be provided by ICF and HOC, Each participating National Federation is responsible for implementing the tests and for all costs associated with Covid 19 testing.
    • Organising Committee is not obliged to check the Covid 19 test results.
    • Host National Federation and Host Organising Committee do not accept any responsibility for COVID-19 infection that occurs before, during or after the competition.

  4. Face masks
    All accredited persons must wear a face mask indoors except when eating, drinking or exercising (dry land warm-up, warm-down and recovery from competing).
  5. Accreditation
    • Only one person in the accreditation centre at a time and only the designated National Team Manager is allowed to enter the accreditation center.
    • Face mask requested.

  6. Transportation
    All occupants of the transport, including the driver, must wear face masks.

  7. Grandstands
    • The competition will be organized with free access of spectators to the public part of the grandstand.
    • A separate part of the grandstand will be provided for the participants.

  8. Award Ceremony
    • The award ceremony will take place in an area in which only the awarded athletes and at the most, one companion will enter.
    • Masks will be worn by all participants, but may be removed briefly for photographs.
    • Awarded athlete will take the medal from the presenter and place it around their own neck.
    • Handshakes, hugs or embraces should be avoided.
  9. Team leaders meeting
    • The team leaders meeting will be held online as a video conference.
  10. Management of a sick individual where Covid 19 is suspected
    As per ICF Covid Protocol -
  11. Additional testing prior departure
    In case you need additional testing (Antigen, PCR test) prior your departure, please contact GHC Genetics Prague on the website:
    At the competition venue will not be any laboratory for Covid 19 testing

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